Our Rufus & Coco Products

Grooming Supplies

2 IN 1 NATURAL WASH ( 200ml )

100% Natural ingredients, pH-balanced mild shampoo and conditioner for dogs and cats.

  • Soap free and pH balanced to pet's delicate skin
  • Conditions and deodorises the coat
  • Natural ingredients, free from sulfates and parabens   
Grooming Supplies

2 IN 1 OATMEAL WASH ( 200ml )

Gentle shampoo and conditioner, especially for pets with sensitive, dry or itchy skin.

  • Contains natural ingredients such as oatmeal extract, aloe vera 
  • Has hypo-allergenic fragrance 
  • pH-balanced
Grooming Supplies


It contains a mild antiseptic to: 

  • Manage the bacteria and fungus which cause tear stains 
  • Gently remove the stain itself  

Wound Care

EAR & WOUND CARE ( 150ml )

Cleansing liquid for ear inflammation, cleaning ear wax and wounds.

  • Use as an adjunct in the treatment of otitis externa (inflammation of the ear caused by infection)
  • Remove accumulated wax deposits
  • Gently cleans wounds and hot spots
Wound Care


Soothing antiseptic cream to treat cuts, bites and skin conditions. Contains tea tree & citronella oils, fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe vera to: 

  • Nourish dry or sensitive skin
  • Provide a comforting barrier against irritation and contamination 
  • Calm insect bites

Pet Training Aids

WEE AWAY ( 250ml )

100% Natural, contains enzymatic technology

  • Neutralise odour and deodorise
  • Remove urine, faeces and vomit stains (even old stains) without harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for carpets and other surfaces, including timber floors     
Pet Training Aids

PEE HERE ( 25ml )

An attractant drops to help toilet train puppies and avoid wee accidents in the future.

  • Contains a unique organic compound with an odour that attracts dogs
  • Can be used to help ‘move’ toileting outdoors
  • Smell inoffensive to humans 
Pet Training Aids


Train your dog easily with this small and convenient dog clicker and whistle. The distinctive sounds are easy for your pet to understand. Comes with retractable belt clip for convenience. 

Pet Training Aids

CHEW STOPPER ( 250ml )

Professionally formulated bitter spray to help your pet stop chewing. It is safe to use on:

  •  Your pet's fur and skin 
  •  Most furniture 
  •  Shoes and household objects     



Our revolutionary Corn Clumping Cat Litter:

  • Made from biodegradable corn with clumping technology
  • Once soiled, the litter forms scoopable clumps 
  • Clumps are easily discarded – you can even flush them in small quantities
  • Absorbs 4 times its own weight in liquid, with great odour control too 

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