Almo Nature - Pet food with fresh and pure ingredients and no additives

Almo Nature: The natural mode for pet safety!

“Eat the best of nature, stay the fittest!’’

Well, how many times have your doctors advised you to eat healthily? Innumerable times, correct? Don’t you think even your pet needs something natural? To cater to those demands, almo nature is one set of pet food that provides your dear pets with not only natural food products but also naturally made goodies.

Be it the flurry kittens or the dear canines that you own, the relief that they find from natural products is unparalleled. In an era of degenerative and chronic diseases, that too amongst pets, it is important that their well-being remains the owner’s priority.

So, what are you wondering about? Check out what your dear feline or canine needs, and give them the best!

What’s wrong with commercially available pet food?

The most important factor that makes commercial pet food extremely harmful for your dear pets is the carbohydrate content. Whereas the need for carbs in a feline body is at 5%-6%, the amount present in these products is 20%-25%.

Also, the amount of protein required by these creatures is much more than what processed food provides them. With artificial preservatives added and overcooked carbohydrates as corn and rice, chances of degenerative and urinary diseases in pets increase to a great extent.

Alternative? Almo Nature is the one to trust! With zero preservatives added and prepared under strict medical conditions, this ensures that your dear cat or canine is getting the correct diet that it deserves.

So, what is that special requirement of your pet that only the best of nature can provide? Well, here’s the answer!

Almo Nature: Feed that nature wishes for its inhabitants!

So canines are omnivorous while felines are carnivores! For this category that obtain their basic nutrition from bones, sinews, fermented vegetable guts and raw meat, what would be the ideal diet? Here are some of them:

·Daily diet should include raw muscle meat, organ meat, fat and bones

·Dairy products, fishes with high oil content and raw eggs

·Vegetable pulp, ripe and over ripe fruits coupled with minimal amount of whole grain

·A daily dose of herbs as sprouts, coriander, broccoli, celery, zucchini, parsley, basil, carrots to name a few.

Well, diet over. What about their regular goodies? Make sure that your dear pets are playing with environment-friendly products that are made of hemp and organic cotton. The less toxic that you give your pet, the better it is for them.

Wondering where to get these non-toxic products from? With Arrowana Group you are bound to get the best of Almo Nature to keep your pet safe and happy. Visit their official website for more information on all available products.